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New Christian or questions about being one....

This day and age with different Christian denominations and changes in society social norms, we can easily get confused as to what a Christian looks like, acts like, and smell likes (maybe not the last one).  This is not to be an all inclusive source of information, but to help point you in the right direction when in search for direction as to your new walk.  May you sincerely seek God in your journey and may He continue to feed your hunger and thirst for Him.

Someone Help.....

Often times we look to man to help guide us and the bible also agrees with this (Prov 27:17).  Key in this is to make sure to seek God to connect you with the right person/mentor (Matt 15:14).  Be sure that God and His word guide your steps (John 1:1 and Isaiah 48:17).  The bible states to listen to wise counsel (Prov 12:15) and the church is a great place to find like minded brothers and sisters who can be your battle buddies in your Christian walk (Heb 10:25).

Where to start

The bible is full of history and story telling of the love of God since the creation of time.  There are 66 "books"  of the bible divided into two sections; the Old Testament (the world before the birth of Jesus) and the New Testament (the life of Christ and beyond).  With so many options of authors and books about Christianity outside of the bible, it can be daunting to figure out what to read and where to start.  100% everything in the bible is God inspired (2 Tim 3:16) so there can be NO BETTER source to learn and connect with God than by reading HIS word, the bible.  I encourage you to read the word from front to back.  The Bible Project is a great tool to dive into His word providing both audio and video resources on the bible.  If you like apps, they make an app that guides you with a plan to read the bible in 366 days.  Click here for more info.  In reading you will for sure find verses or books of the bible that will speak to you more than others.  I personally love the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) because they record the words of Jesus.  Additionally I love James.  Dig in and find your favorite book(s) and verses.  As you draw closer to God thru His word and seek wise counsel, you will determine other books on Christianity.    

How to walk 

What does a Christian look like?  Do they wear T-shirts about God, do they always carry a bible, do look like they are talking to themselves all the time cause they are praying to God?  Maybe some or all or none of the above.  There is not cookie cutter visual display of what a Christian looks like.  However, the actions and the words of a Christian will be different than the world (1 Pet 1:15-16).  Even as a Christian, we will still mess up and fall short and sin (Rom 3:23). When we sin we need to ask for forgiveness and repent.  When Jesus was asked which command is the most important to follow, He wisely said to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as your love yourself (Matt 22:36-40).  Luke 6:46 states that when we make Him the Lord of our life, we will do what He says.  When you are puzzled by "What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)" moment, then bounce them off of Jesus's word in Matthew.  As you grow deeper in your understanding which you will do(1 Cor 13:11), you will have more verses to add to your tool belt of how to act and show His love everyday, even in the most trying of times.  Lastly, our conversation with God is important.  Jesus, as the Son of God, prayed often.  So how much more important for us to pray often.  His word says to pray without ceasing (1 The 5:16-18) which simply means, you don't always have to be alone and on your knees when talking with God; we can do it while driving, running, at the beach, etc..

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